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Near Mint - Snagglepuss!

When Hanna-Barbera and DC announced their new line of rebooted and rebranded comics for a host of iconic cartoon characters, everyone was stunned! How weird! How goofy! How… unnecessary?

How amazing!

Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles casts the cartoon lion as a Southern playwright who makes it big on the national stage, only to face the House Committee on Un-American Activities for the subversive nature of his career. What on the surface reads as a ridiculous setting with classic cartoon characters used as a gimmick to sell comics becomes one of the most important comic stories of recent years – raising questions about the value of art in a world dangerously politicized.

Near Mint presents its review of the Snagglepuss book in full, now collected as a trade paperback. Listen, and enjoy!

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