Late to the Party Rewatch of True Detective!

Ah, the year 2014 – the new “Golden Age of TV” was coming into its own, carriage disputes threatened to destroy broadcast and cable television networks, and we’d yet to reach the point where there were roughly one billion different streaming services to sort through!

And on a little known cable television network called HBO, a thrilling new series was about to premiere.

True Detective was heralded for its chilling premise, stunning visuals, nonlinear storytelling, and liberal use of Matthew McConaughalogues.

And although I heard that the show was eerie and saturated with a vaguely Lovecraftian aesthetic, I never had the change to watch it. Until now.

So, please join the crew of as we attempt a Late to the Party rewatch of a terrifying new classic!

There’s only eight episodes for the first season anthology (each season is independent of the other, and stands on its own) so we’ll try to tackle a few at a time in preparation for the show’s return for Season 3 starring Mahershala Ali.

True Detective is out on DVD or Blu-ray and available on the HBO Go app. Our watch along will be posted at and take place in The NonPro Fan Club. Lucky fans and supporters of our Patreon will get the chance to watch along with us, in real time, from the comfort of their homes!

Will the rumors of the Lovecraft vibes pay off? Which is the truest detective, Woody Harrelson or Matthew McConaughey? Do any of these comments make any sense? Watch along with us and find out!



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