New Overwatch Halloween Cosmetics!

Our second annual Overwatch event is upon us already, thoroughly establishing the new expectation; old event cosmetics will be sold for regular cosmetic prices, with brand new one’s introduced. It’s especially exciting to see all the spooky fun thematic maps and skins, and the Junkenstein arcade game is back with even more content than last time! Without any further ado, let’s hop into all the new goodies.

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It does appear that new events are only seeing new Legendary skins and not any mere Halloweeny recolours of existing skins, something Summer Games 2.0 also avoided.  Now, me, I’m particularly excited about this new Symmetra skin- the buttwings are a little strange, but not out of character for a blizzard design. Zarya follows up the legacy of Cybergoth by establishing once and for all: this badass tank fighter has absolutely no fashion sense, and we love her anyway.

This year only sees one new emote, “Hopping” for Mei to match her Jiangshi skin. For those uninitiated, the Jiangshi is the Chinese “hopping Vampire” and is exactly what it sounds like- a sort of zombie-vampire that hops around like her cute new emote.

We have one awesome new Highlit Intro for Roadhog this year.

We have a plethora of new pumpkin-themed Victory Poses to choose from this year, but i’ts a genuine surprise to see that characters not available during last year’s Halloween event, like Orisa and Doomfist, did not receive their own R.I.P. Victory Pose – something all characters did last year. Orisa even received one of the new pumpkin poses, and Doomfist received none!

As what appears to be the new standard, everyone received a new spooky voiceline, with Sombra, Doomfist and Orisa receiving two each to make it even. Symmetra’s “The treat is a lie” is a personal favourite, proving she’s a dirty memer like the rest of us.

Individual cosmetics are rounded out with cute Halloween sprays for Doomfist, Orisa and Sombra. Oddly enough, these three are offered at the standard price for sprays, 25 credits, and not the triple price new event cosmetics usually have.

Last but not least, Junkenstein’s Revenge has returned to the arcade, in both standard and endless modes, also boasting a brand new achievement and awesome spray to match- Survivor, granting the Witch spray for surviving four waves on expert difficulty.

We here at hope that everyone else is as excited for all the spooky combat festivities as we are! We’ll see you in Quickplay.

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