Horror Host Retrospective: Dungeon Doug

Dungeon Doug

Real name: Unknown
Years active: 1986, East Tennessee area

A host so obscure I gave serious thoughts to omitting him entirely. For the sake of completion, however, Dungeon Doug has been included this is countdown of horror hosts. Airing for one year in 1986 on the then independent WETO out of Greenville TN, Dungeon Doug was a man trapped inside a dungeon called Saturday Night Frights.

Hosting films alongside a wisecracking skeleton named Momar Cadaver, Dungeon Doug stared back at the viewers in Greenville and surrounding areas until the show was cancelled. Like most local content, the archive was purged when WETO became a network affiliate in 1989.

Saturday Night Fights aired for one year on WETO. As of this writing, no clips exist of the show save for a few screen caps.