Horror Host Flashback: Dr. Gangrene

Dr. Gangrene
Real name: Larry Underwood
Years active: 1999-today, Middle TN

And now we get to the hardest working horror host in Tennessee. A man who needs little introduction, but is going to get one anyway: Dr. Gangrene.

Created by Larry Underwood for public access TV in Hendersonville, Chiller Cinema quickly outgrew its public access roots and was picked up for national syndication. I personally watched it on the UPN affiliate early Saturday morning (about 1 in the morning to be exact)

In 2005 Doc was picked up by the WB and hosted 58 Creature Feature. The format and time slot would change slightly, but the show continued.

Currently Dr. Gangrene is hosting Dr. Gangrene Presents on the CW, airing at 1:00 AM Sundays, when he’s not making public appearances or hosting shows with his band Spookhand.

Speaking of public appearances, for those interested, you can met Dr. Gangrene in person Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Nashville Public Library where he’ll be showing the 80’s classic The ‘Burbs, with Tom Hanks and Henry Gibson.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to check out his blog.