Horror Host Flashback: Dr. Shock

Dr. Shock
Real name: Tommy Reynolds
Years active: 1970-1972 East TN

Dr. Shock was again, another horror host that I was too young to watch, and to compound the horror, may never see. It seems during the early 80’s, WTVC-9 (home of Dr. Shock and Shock Theater) decided to clean out some space, so all their archive master tapes were destroyed. Photos have ways of turning up, but sadly it looks like that is the full extent.

Dr. Shock, actually channel 9 program director Tommy Reynolds, hosted and wise-cracked his way with the help of Dingbat (a puppet crafted by Dan East) and Nurse Badbody (an actress I have been unable to identify). The show was, from all accounts, edgy and played almost like Saturday Night Live.

Mr. Reynolds passed away a few years ago, but the name of Dr. Shock lives on.

ETA: I found a tribute of the orginal show on Youtube. It appears to be from about ’75