Game of Thrones – The Loved It/Hated It Review Show!

If you are anything like us, you’ve been waiting a decade for the climax of Game of Thrones = and with season 8 behind us… well, we got it!

Today on Non-Productive, we have a podcasting FIRST. We’re doing a Loved It / Hated It show – that’s right, one half of this show will ONLY be about things we Loved about the show, and half, will ONLY be about things we Hated.

Are we ready folks? For the last time, let’s talk Game of Thrones!

We tossed the Love/Hate coin to determine which went first, and landing on Hate. For those of you who can’t stomach the healthy criticism, the Love portion begins 41 minutes in!

Oh, and there’s free Bonus Content after the credits roll so stay tuned!