A Darker Shade of Magic – Episode 1 – The NonPro Book Club

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A Darker Shade of Magic - Episode 1 - The NonPro Book Club

The co-hosts of the NonPro Book Club talk about the world of Red, Grey, White, and Grey London, as we explore the setting, characters, and concepts that will feature in our book. We’ve all been hurt by genre fiction before, so how does that color our reading? Also, which London would you most like to visit?

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Set in eighteenth-century London during the reign of King George III,  “A Darker Shadeof Magic” by V. E. Schwab follows a magician named Kell who can travel between four parallel worlds called Red, Grey, White, and Black London.

The NonPro Book Club will feature weekly check-ins and interesting articles, joint discussions, and even podcasts where we talk about this awesome thing we’re experiencing with one another, all from the comfort of whatever color world we happen to be inhabiting at the time. You can follow along at Non-Productive.com, or over at our Facebook group, or at our Goodreads group, or even at our Discord server (but we’re still working out the kinks on the last two)!

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