#EveryBookEver. An Endless Series of Essays About What’s on Our Shelves

While working on my now terribly delayed project #UnBoxingThePast (good news – new episodes are piling up for release soon, including some amazing guest videos!) – I realized just how many books I have. Shelves upon shelves of books. Books I crowdfunded and books I inherited. Books I salvaged from more library book sales than I can remember. Boxes of books that can’t fit on the shelves, and books that serve as shelves for more books. A cuckoo amount of books. Not to mention the comics, magazines, actual unpublished manuscripts (?!) and more.

So I decided to read them all. Duh.

Join me in this definitely ill-conceived project to justify what is most likely a mild obsessive disorder. First up might be some MURDER SHE WROTE novelizations. Please share! #EveryBookEver

Every Book Ever. Cover Photo

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