*Dungeon Not Included – DNI – Episode 44 – This is Blasphemy: The Infocity Job with Guest Stars Tim and Morgan – Part 3

The crew makes several strange deals.

Our Special Guests

Morgan Nuncio @sirenabesos is a co-host and game master on Rolltoplaynetwork.com, where people can find her playing on Red Death and GMing on Powered by the Players. [They/She]

Tim Rodriguez @ogreteeth is an artist, musician, saytr, and game designer. [He/Him]

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*Dungeon Not Included is an actual play podcast, currently running the sci-fi adventure RPG, Bulldogs! by Galileo Games

Brennan Taylor is our GM and host.
Frank plays Sticky
Alex plays Growlcolm McGruff
Red plays San Ming
theme music by Seamus Ronan