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The happiest I'll ever be
Janeane Garofalo and I. i'll leave it to you to guess who is who.

I was not really a fan of Delocated until I sat in this panel. And I wasn’t going to; there was a RoboTech panel going on at the same time that I was far more interested in. That is, until someone came in and set down the placards for the next panel, and lo and behold, there was the name of my beautiful angel goddess, my first celebrity crush ever since I was 13; Janeane Garofalo. I’ve been in sort of love with her ever since I saw her stand up on Comedy Central back in the early 90’s. I thought she was adorable and earnest and geek-cute before anyone had even conceived of the putting the words together. And now, here I was with an opportunity to be in the same room with her! I sat my butt right back down and set up my camera. Turns out she was there because she is joining the cast of “Delocated” for its third season. She will be playing the part of the head of the network that the main character Jon’s reality show is on… Ok yes, there needs to be some explanation there, but first back to Janeane.

If you follow her career at all, you know Janeane has had a lot of misadventures with television, with varying degrees of success. There were high points (“The Larry Sanders Show, “The West Wing”) and not so high points (“Saturday Night Live”, “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior”) and it is fresh from this last venture that Janeane found herself when she found her way onto “Delocated.” I told her when I got to talk to her for a bit that I watched everything she was in, including Criminal Minds, for which she apologized. I didn’t think it was bad, but then as you may be able to tell by now, I am biased. I am happy to see her doing silly lighthearted violent comedy again. She seemed happy about doing it, which was cool. I also got her autograph and a pic with me, which was the highlight of my day.

Now that that’s out of the way, a little more about “Delocated.” It’s a live-action show on Adult Swim about a man and his family who are put into witness protection because Russian Mobsters are out to kill them. The head of the family, Jon, decides to spend this time by moving his family to New York City and put them on a reality show. Unsurprisingly, Jon and his family are found by the Russians who want them dead, and hilarity ensues. In the third season Jon’s son becomes an executive at the network that Jon’s show is on, which is how Janeane’s character becomes involved. In the third season, Jon is looking for a new friend as his previous best friend was murdered by Russian assassin Sergei (Steve Cirbus), which he does by offering a huge cash prize to whoever proves they want to be his best friend the most. This is how I should go about finding a girlfriend really…

Anyway, I have video of the “Delocated” panel that you can watch on I will certainly be watching this season, not only because of Janeane, but because the production company PFFR (Pre-natal Fighting Frightening Remembrances) made “Wonder Showzen” which was 7 shades of amazing. PFFR is involved with a lot of things you enjoy, so look them up, and watch “Delocated” this Fall. You know I will.

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