Dark Shadows, Episode 27

“27.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 2 August 1966.

Carolyn and Victoria are talking. Victoria, getting to the point, plainly says David tried to kill his father. Carolyn, thinking back on her meeting with Devlin, figures she’s right. The only issue now is that both the bleeder valve and David are missing.

Devlin arrives in Bangor to meet with Bronson, Stuart Bronson-Attorney at Law to be exact. Devlin wants Bronson to act on his behalf. Bronson, in turn, gives Devlin the Collins Family financial records for the past five years.

As Carolyn heads towards David’s room, Victoria investigates a noise she hears from the closed off West Wing. The noise turns out to be Elizabeth. The pair talk and Victoria learns that there are two keys that could have opened her drawer’s lock.

While inside David’s room, Carolyn makes a startling discovery. Tucked inside his magazines is a torn out page detailing how to disassemble brake cylinders.

Devlin continues his talk with Bronson. He wants Bronson to continue his inspection of the Collins Family, but he may require more than simply rifling through old reports. He leaves to get back to Collinsport.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, tries to vain to convince Roger to look for his son. David hasn’t been seen in forty-five minutes, a fact that Roger plans to celebrate.

Devlin arrives back to the Inn, only to discover two things: One, his room has been ransacked and two, a small boy was nabbed attempting to sneak into his room.

Questions asked:  Who searched Devlin’s room. How did David get down to the Inn so fast? What is Bronson’s plan? Is David trying to frame Devlin?

Review:  And now the plot begins to thicken or at least grow cloudy. As a side note, actor Barnard Hughes (Bronson) would bow out of the series after this one appearance due to scheduling conflicts. Instead of recasting the character, they opted to have Bronson’s partner replace him. I’ll get to him later.