Dark Shadows, Episode 28

“28.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 3 August 1966.

At the Inn, all the interested parties are now assembled in the main dining room. Devlin is having it out with the Sheriff, accusing the man of harassment. Devlin is losing his cool, but Sheriff Carter is coolly smug, convinced he finally has Devlin dead to rights.

Maggie ignores the heated words and focuses on David. She tries to comfort the boy by filling him with pie. She and David talk, mostly about desserts. Just when it looks like she might break through to him, Roger shows up. David quickly ducks out of the dining area while Roger rages.

Maggie takes this time to talk to Roger about her father. Roger ignores her and gloats to Devlin about sending him back to prison. During the course of the argument, Devlin learns a strange truth. It seems that Roger and Sam haven’t had a single word together ever since he went to jail ten years ago.

Carter comes back in with some sad news. It seems that despite searching Devlin’s room top to bottom, they have nothing on Devlin. He did discover that Devlin had the Collins Family investigated about two weeks before he arrived.  While not illegal, Roger is now convinced beyond all doubt that Devlin is behind everything.

David, meanwhile, emerges from the single phone booth and looks at the arguing adults.

Questions asked:  What is David planning?

Review:  Man, Roger is getting dumber by the episode. He’ll give Homer Simpson a run for his money at this rate. He does seem quite shocked that he can’t simply have a person arrested on his say-so. A crushing blow to his esteem I’m sure, but what is David planning? Did he plant the bleeder valve in Devlin’s room in time?