Cult TV March Madness: Round 2

Round One was a bloody mess of obvious choices, gut rending decisions, and stupid moves on our audience’s part – and good news… Round Two promises to be just as epic!

Round Two: Electric Boogaloo

A-Team vs. The Incredible Hulk

We would pay actual money to see this really happen.  No fooling.

Buffy vs. Star Trek

Two eras of obsession come head-to-head!

Knight Rider vs. Magnum PI

The Hoff versus The Stache.  To the death, no… to the pain.

Quantum Leap vs. V

We wonder what Ziggy calculates the odds of success as being?

X-Files vs. Firefly

The series that couldn’t die versus the series that died too young.

Sliders vs. Angel

Two underdogs come to blows!

Doctor Who vs. Miami Vice

If there are any crossover fans of these two shows… well… I guess those people would have a hard time deciding anything in life, really.

Dukes of Hazzard vs. Airwolf

Picture the General Lee soaring through the air to attack the Airwolf?  Oh wait, you already were.  Good.

Here goes Round 2, vote in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter (#NPNcult)!

Download the Bracket for Round Two!