BEST. GIFTS. EVER. Advent Calendar Day 21: Whirling Death!

Best Gifts Ever

Some of the very best toys in our BEST. GIFTS. EVER. advent calendar has a certain sense of… danger about them.

Sky Dancers by Galoob (1994)

At my signal: UNLEASH DEATH.
At my signal: UNLEASH DEATH.

Sky Dancers had a short lived but incredibly popular cartoon show focusing on princesses who were dancers. Basically, Galoob could just print money at this point. Here’s a tongue-tie of a synopsis from wikipedia:

The five characters were said to be students at the High Hope Dance Academy under the widowed Queen Skyla. Queen Skyla and her students defended her kingdom from Skyla’s jealous brother-in-law Sky Clone, who sought revenge for his brother Skyler (Skyla’s husband) being selected as king over him. Sky Clone had successfully killed Skyler but was unable to gain control of the Sky Swirl Stone that gave the Sky Dancers their powers. The series ended after one season once E/I regulations took effect.

So, yeah, Wikipedia needs some editors on this project.

Anyway, the toys themselves were pretty cool. Basically you’d pull back on a cord and the princess-student-dancer would spin about and reach escape velocity.

Sure, the foam wings limited the chance that a kid would get injured from one of these flailing death-traps, but after a great many injuries the toys were recalled in June 2000 after less than six years on the market. Fear not, as I believe they have been re-released and another generation of kids can know the utter terror of having an older sibling equipped with death from above. Merry Christmas!

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