BEST. GIFTS. EVER. Advent Calendar Day 18: A Tiny Galaxy Far Far Away…

Best Gifts Ever

It’s not surprising that we’re already revisiting a galaxy far, far away for our BEST. GIFTS. EVER. advent calendar!

Star Wars The Millennium Falcon Micro Machines Playset by Galoob (1996)

Millenium Falcon

Micro Machines combined very basic model making, dioramas, and potentially chokable heroes all in one, and while I’m partial to the Death Star myself, I can’t deny the ascetic appeal of the Millennium Falcon playset. It’s always great when a toy does double duty, and this guy is a case for micro figures AND a spaceship you can fly around your room if you are lucky enough to have blackened windows and glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceilings, like these kids/future-pot-smokers:

Really, you almost can’t go wrong with actual Star Wars toys of any sort, and it was really hard to pick just a few for this list. I think what made this item a winner for me is the following photo:

From: SourceClick to enlarge photo and check out little chillin' Chewbacca!
From: Source
Click to enlarge photo and check out little chillin’ Chewbacca!

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