Awful Puppets: A NonPro Advent Calendar-December 15th


We are pleased to announce that this year’s advent calendar will feature something near and dear to all of our hearts during this holiday season: Horrible, awful, terrifying puppets and dolls!

It’s Howdy Doody Time!

I’ve never really been “afraid” of Howdy Doody, not even in the mostly benign way that the average person feels when they talk about being afraid of weird looking puppets. The thing is, Howdy wasn’t much of an action-puppet, and as made apparent in this 1957 Christmas special, he spends most of his time literally hanging around in the corner while the humans and cowboys and clowns named after cows did all the real work.

Still, if you want to watch an old puppet show where Santa gets kidnapped, here you go. Now your Santa-gets-kidnapped collection is nearly complete!

Come back tomorrow for the next part of our series…

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