Awful Puppets: A NonPro Advent Calendar-December 16th


We are pleased to announce that this year’s advent calendar will feature something near and dear to all of our hearts during this holiday season: Horrible, awful, terrifying puppets and dolls!

Howdy Doody Part 2: The Revenge of Doh!

For those of you that missed yesterday’s post: Your welcome. For those of you that didn’t, you no doubt remember that beloved stringed Conan O’Brian impersonator, Howdy Doody, had a Christmas special in 1957. Now, we are proud to present to you: Howdy Doody’s Christmas Party, a children’s record from RCA Victor released in 1951.

Divorced from the visuals, Howdy’s voice is even more upsetting somehow. Maybe it’s because the sleeve art shows him to be a real boy, yet somehow shoves it back in Howdy’s face by making Bob Smith seem even realer.

...and why is Santa wearing lipstick?

Well, judge for yourselves: here is the album!

Be sure to return tomorrow for another in our series…

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(Hat Tip to Kiddie Records Weekly for the images and songs!)

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