Villains Month: Megatron(s)

October 5, 2012 Jesse 3

In some famous franchises, characters recur across timelines. Sometimes this is intentional, like with Black Adder and Baldric, and others it’s driven by popularity, such […]

Villains Month: Demona

October 4, 2012 Jesse 8

One of the problems that often seems to creep up with female villains is that so often their creators attempt to “redeem” them. I’m not […]

Villains Month: Maleficent

October 2, 2012 Jesse 2

Disney movies are often known for their iconic villains, but even among that impressive rogues gallery, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty takes the cake. Or, perhaps […]

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Dark Shadows, Episode 37

September 14, 2012 Jesse 0

โ€œ37.โ€ Dark Shadows. ABC. 16 August 1966. Roger calls Sam, demanding to know if Sam has agreed to cancel Devlinโ€™s portrait. He hasnโ€™t and Roger […]