Villains Month: Count Olaf

October 13, 2012 Jesse 0

Villains in children’s stories often wind up played for laughs rather than menace. The idea, I think, is to teach children that being selfish and […]

Villains Month: Psycho Mantis

October 10, 2012 Jesse 3

The Metal Gear video game series is famous for both its experimental, genre-breaking gameplay as well as its rich, complex cast of characters. Series creator […]

Villains Month: Chernobog

October 9, 2012 Jesse 3

Disney’s musical Fantasia is mostly a collection of animated music videos long before there were music videos, setting gorgeous animated vignettes to pieces of classical […]

Villains Month: Jody

October 8, 2012 Jesse 2

The father/son relationship in fiction tends to be complicated. There is often a sense of competition between the two, of the new versus the old, […]

Villains Month: Angel

October 7, 2012 Jesse 3

Ever since vampires received the humanizing treatment in fiction, the idea of vampiric guilt has been used to the point of cliche. This doesn’t mean […]

Villains Month: Xykon

October 6, 2012 Jesse 7

The webcomic Order of the Stick is known for its complex villains and somewhat muddied take on the normally objective and quantified morality of Dungeons […]