Villains Month: Thanos

October 24, 2012 Jesse 0

It’s easy to spot when the true hero of a story is its villain. Oh, sure, we know that there will be various goody-goody protagonists […]

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Villains Month: Blackout

October 23, 2012 Jesse 0

There is something charming about an underdog. The idea of coming from behind, and having to rely on cleverness or will instead of pure brute […]

Villains Month: The Mutants

October 20, 2012 Jesse 0

Batman has one of those rogues galleries that is widely considered among the best by everyone who cares about such things. Whether it’s based on […]

Villains Month: Nyarlathotep

October 19, 2012 Jesse 0

H.P. Lovecraft is widely regarded as one of the greatest horror writers of the 20th century, and his work has influenced countless authors so pervasively […]

Villains Month: Dr. Destiny

October 16, 2012 Jesse 0

Neil Gaiman’s comic series Sandman is not, on the whole, about good and evil. It relates much more to stories, mythology, beings tethered to ideas […]