August 01, 2012

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Merry Christmas in July in August!

Yes, it’s that time of year again here at, a time of cool refreshing glasses of iced eggnog, frozen hot-chocolate, or chilled Turkey-broth. A time of getting terrible gifts from your fellow NonPro cast members, and giving even worse gifts as a preemptive strike. A time of heat-stroke.

And best of all for you, our loyal fans, it’s a time of FREE JUNK! The first ten readers of our newsletter that send an email to [email protected] with their name and mailing address will get a special care package courtesy of our cob-webby prize closet! Could it be promotional items from the brand new series, “Dead Like Me” or perhaps expired tickets to the 2004 Weird NJ Easter Party? Who knows?! Email us today!

And now for this month’s Calendar!

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August Demotivational CalendarEnjoy!

Support Indie Artists!

NonPro loves independent artists, and that’s why we’re trying to crowdsource our new documentary project! Our IndieGoGo highlight:

Playing with Comedians

Playing with Comedians a documentary film project where we take professional standup comedians, armed only with their preconceived notions of gaming, and ask them to try their first role-playing game. Based on the award winning storygame “Fiasco” by Jason Morningstar

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Coming soon…

NonProcelebrates Halloween a month early! Hilarity and Gore ensue.