Dark Shadows, Episode 32

“32.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 9 August 1966.

Roger is facing down Elizabeth and summing up what has happened so far. Basically, David tried to kill him and they have undeniable proof. Sherriff Carter is meeting with Bill Malloy, who is convinced beyond all doubt that Burke Devlin is behind everything. The two of them share information, such as Devlin’s hiring of the private detective. Carter, however, smells something fishy and wants to know more about how David and Roger interact.

Speaking of Roger, he is currently raging against both David and his wife, Laura. What was hinted at before is now made clear: Laura used to be Devlin’s girlfriend before she married Roger. A fact that worried Roger constantly especially since David was born exactly eight months after Roger and Laura were married.

Carter uses some deductive reasoning to clear Devlin. He also claims he never suspected Devlin in the first place. Malloy isn’t so sure, but he agrees that the facts prove Devlin innocent and David guilty. Carter is torn about what to do regarding David.

Speaking of the little devil, his family is equally torn. Roger wants him committed, preferably as far away as he can be, while Elizabeth wants to save him. Elizabeth makes it clear she will stand by her nephew as she stood by Roger. Roger counters that David may not be a Collins and thus is unworthy of support. Elizabeth argues, saying that no matter his parentage, David is the last of Collins line. She also plans to cover the whole business up.

Carter arrives at Collinwood, but Roger clears Devlin of any wrongdoing, a fact that annoys Elizabeth to no end. Elizabeth argues that David is innocent and that the fault must lie with Matthew Morgan, claiming the older man must have failed to maintain the cars as he said he would. Carter doesn’t buy it, but seems to accept it for the moment. Roger tells Elizabeth that she is going to regret keeping David around.

Questions asked:  Is David Roger’s son?

Review: As a funny aside, this is the very last episode we see Sheriff Jonas Carter, as well as his actor Michael Currie. So the mystery is solved, yet another one comes up. The Collins family knows David’s guilty, but what exactly are they going to do about it?