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Line Cutters – Marvel and Majora!

Al and Matt talk about Marvel’s Phase 3 announcement, Majora’s Mask on the 3DS, X-Wing and Tie Fighter on GOG, and the perils of buying retro games!

Near Mint Radio – Batman: The Long Halloween

Join us as we discuss the comic classic, Batman: The Long Halloween Created by the highly acclaimed and Eisner Award-wining team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, this thrilling story…

The Loud Idiots – The Grandpa and The Actress

The Monkey Boy stops by to help get the boys into the Halloween spirit, as actress Kate McClure calls in to start her new segment Must Click TV. Kate’s first…

Near Mint Radio – Crisis at Comic Conventions

In wake of the recent conversation about cosplay at cons, we examine the current state of affairs in comic conventions. Also, we talk Long Beach Comic Expo, NYCC, Gotham, and…

Line Cutters – Totally Canon

The Line Cutters talk about Book 4 of Legends of Korra, Microsoft buying Minecraft, Destiny, and Riot’s changes to the lore of League of Legends!

Near Mint Radio – Who Watches the Watcher (Get Capped!)

As the Marvel Comics event “Original Sin” comes to a close, we review the series in graphic detail! We discuss the nature of the superhero murder mystery genre, how to…

Near Mint Comic Radio – Hobos, Heroes, and Spies!

We review The Illegitimates, Original Sin: Iron Man vs Hulk, and Star Trek The Animated Series… The Comic, as well as the record breaking sale of a superhero classic!

Non-Productive.com — Guardians of the Galaxy Special

Join us as we tease everything Guardians of the Galaxy, including interviews with comic greats Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, hilarious sketches about our favorite cosmic heroes of the past,…

Line Cutters – Going Primetime

On this episode, the gang talks Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Snowpiercer, and how On-Demand has changed primetime television!

The Loud Idiots – The Nerd, The Foodie, And The Hottie

Lisa Marie Dusak returns to The Loud Idiots Show to help host with Longshot Ken. Lisa is given a homework assignment to cast a sequel to the greatest sitcom of…