Lazy Foley Theater – The Dead Won’t Die (1951)
Lazy Foley Theater - The Dead Won't Die (1951)

Lazy Foley Players - The Dead Won't Die

Inexplicably restored from the NonPro Clip-Keeper’s Vault, the Lazy Foley Players present to you, this uncut, unedited, unproduced piece of unprofessional pulp. A creepy little tale called “The Dead Won’t Die

The Dead Won’t Die” is a Non-Productive Production, adapted from a comic written by Tom Gill originally published in 1951 Witches Tales #1.

Adapted for the radio by Ken Smith

Pete Monte as Welsh, the Narrator, and a Waitress from Brooklyn

AJ Ingersoll as May, the Gas Station Attended, a Police Officer, and the confused southern woman tending the hideout in Vermont

Frank Hablawi as Ron Fancher and your Announcer

Al Baldino as Foley artist and additional voices.

Lazy Foley Players - Last Known Photo
Lazy Foley Players – Last Known Photo