Pokemon Go

Pokemon Podcast GO!

Poképodcast? Pokécast? Whatever we’re calling it – the gang from NonPro are here to talk about how the game works, hidden features, cultural impact, and wish lists are exotic as…

Pokemon Go (1)

A Non-Productive.com Guide to Pokemon Go!

So, this is happening. Care for an official Non-Productive.com! Pokémon Go review series? Comment if you have questions or excited ramblings! — Wednesday, July 6th 2016 7:15pm Meowth is loafing…

This Week in Geek - 6-15-2016

This Week in Geek – June 15th 2016

THIS WEEK IN GEEK: Broadway, Warcraft, E3, Netflix shows (including new Voltron!), and more!

Civil War spy movie poster by Dylan Patel

Non-Productive.com’s Civil War Round Table!

Listen in as friendships are thrown out the helicarrier window as the geeks at NonPro take on Marvel‘s latest blockbuster movie event: CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.

From: http://www.firefliesandmudpies.com/2014/09/14/mason-jar-superhero-banks/

Defining Success in Superhero Movies

In the past decade, “Superhero Movies” have gone from fringe flops to mainstream bestsellers – but with that popularity fans have found themselves debating just what defines success for their…


Film Friday: Let’s Talk About CIVIL WAR

Hey #FilmFriday Folks: Let’s talk about #CIVILWAR (um, possible spoilers theories?) Specifically, I want to discuss the motivation for the conflict in the upcoming Civil War film, the source of…

Apocalypse, GO!

Non-Productive – Apocalypse, GO!

On this very special podcast we’re answering the ultimate question: If the world were coming to an end, what would you do? Listen in as our hosts get randomly assigned…

NonPro DisneyPower

Announcing the winner of our #DisneyPower #MarchMadness Competition!

Our March Madness competition to determine the most powerful Disney character of all time has finally come to an end! As you know, for this year’s nerd-centric March Madness, we…

Maleficent vs Genie

#DisneyPower #MarchMadness Our Finalist!

[Click here for our podcast review of the last round with color commentary.] Welcome to the Final Round for Non-Productive.com‘s March Madness competition to determine the most powerful Disney character…

Mulan wait a minute

On Mulan…

This recording was made after our the results of our Final Four round were revealed. To listen to the podcast where we announce the results of that round of competition…