Why Sidekicks Matter

Why Sidekicks Matter

As we prepare to wrap up this year’s March Madness competition, we’d like to take this opportunity to look back at what you folks had to say about your favorite sidekicks and supporting characters. This contest was an interesting one; on the one hand, we were asking people to pick characters that meant something to themselves and to the story they were in – on the other, we were asking people to acknowledge that these favorites weren’t the main characters in their respective stories. That sparked some interesting observations, and the justifications behind the votes were often more interesting than how the individual games went down! Let’s take a look…

Chewy vs. Dobby

While Chewy is cool, he is unessential. Dobby contributes to Harry’s success on many occasions – without Dobby he wouldn’t have been able to survive the Triwizard Tournament or destroy the locket horcrux. Harry’s love for Dobby is also how Griphook came to trust Harry, which allowed him to succeed in finding another horcrux. Dobby is a fiercely loyal friend and amazing character who fought for independence.

Because Dobby “helped” Harry the same way my dog “helps” me cook dinner

Let the Wookie win.

Nothing against Dobby, but if Chewie found himself in a situation where he’d be forced to choose between his own life or Han’s, I think he’d have saved Han. The fact that the opportunity never presented itself shouldn’t speak against him.

Without Chewy they would have lost before Han even mattered.

You can’t understand Chewbacca and Dobby is a free elf!!

Felicity vs. Groot

Because you put Groot against Asami Sato in the first round…jerks. You don’t mess with the Avatar’s girlfriend. Treeman goin’ down!

Groot saved the Guardians, and therefore the day. Felicity, as competent as she is, just doesn’t have that oomph.

We are Groot.

While Groot performed the ultimate sacrifice, Felicity works tirelessly day-in and day-out, keeping secrets, and being a badass. She sees the best in Oliver and she’s the true anchor of Team Arrow.

Hermione vs. Willow

Both started out mundane, but Willow had to seek her power — and she’s more human for having fallen prey to it.

Hermione is, in the end, limited to the magic of her universe which is a LOT weaker than what Willow can summon up.

Holy crap, why you make me choose? Went with Willow, because first is still best.

More of a reflection of Emma Watson than her character, but I just love anything that has to do with her.

Willow went crazy in Seasons 6 & 7

This is terribly difficult, because Hermione is beyond incredible, but Willow was the original book-smart sidekick. Willow possessed great power of her own, selflessly helped her friends, but the biggest reason I’m team Willow is because she loved so deeply. Hermione being attracted to Ron is like when Willow was attracted to Xander. Willow and Tara forever.

Fezzik vs. Samwell Tarley

Because of his mad rhyming skillz!

Because Samwell will be dead soon.

Sam’s so loveable.

Dick Grayson vs. Tails

Because he’s the friggin’ Boy Wonder.

Dr. Watson vs. Arthur from The Tick

I’m torn here as I love them both, but I think I have more loyalty to Watson.

Lucy Liu or Bilbo either one. Awesome.

Arthur is smarter than his hero. Watson isn’t.

Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings vs. War Machine

Because I would never ever vote for Samwise Gamgee ever in anything but for his *** ass to fall in a volcano

Alfred vs. Coulson

Alfred has had a long time to be a better mentor, and has actively thwarted super-villains himself on occasion.

Obi-Wan vs. Penny from Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget would be dead without Penny. Obi-wan Kenobi is dead.

Peggy Carter vs. Detective Bullock

Bullock is bollacks.

How is this one a competition? Agent Carter is a total badass who uses being overlooked and underestimated to her advantage.

Jane from Firefly vs. River Song from Doctor Who

Jane is mostly comic relief and muscle. Mal already serves as both, so Jane was just extra. You should’ve matched River Song against River Tam. But River Song still wins.

And more shout-outs…

Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes. He’s a doctor. All Sam does is want to eat. :p

Watson is played by Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo employs Samwise. Bilbo threatens to fire Samwise if he doesn’t throw the fight. QED, Samwise has to lose.

Alfred can throw down LIKE A BOSS and you wouldn’t even know it. The quiet ones are the ones you have to watch after all.

Donna Noble is the most important person in the world! ๐Ÿ˜€

Chewbacca’s race hang from trees. Much like apes, their strength is phenomenal. He rips Fezzik’s arms right off.

Harley is a really cool character, but Donna challenges the doctor, I don’t feel like Harley challenges the Joker; she is a victim, which makes me even more torn because now I feel bad not routing for her…

Gandalf seems slow on the uptake and his magic is not all that offensive. If Alfred acts quickly, he drops Gandalf with a shotgun blast.

The Force > post-WWII women’s lib.

Han was nothing without him!

Gandalf does not wait and serve. He actively instigates.

Obi-Wan is kind of a dick.


Han could have survived without Chewie. Harry would not be The Boy Who Lived for very long without Hermione.

Two words: Doctor Donna

Hermione Granger from The Harry Potter Series. Not that she’s a sidekick, really. Misplaced protagonist.

Yo, **** Steven Moffat. Donna IS the Doctor!

Hermione is the female lead and obviously invaluable! (so is Sam, for what it’s worth – he’s the real hero)

Gandalf told me not to leave you Mr. Baggins.

Frodo sent him away and he still came back!!

OMG this is so hard but I can carry you Mr. Frodo!

Samwise carried Frodo. LITERALLY.

What do you MEAN why???!? He could not carry it for him, but HE COULD CARRY HIM!

“I can’t carry it, but I can carry you!”

WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO MY HEART, Batman was and would be Batman without a Robin, Frodo would of died or gave up immediately without Sam, so Sam wins.

Tolkien once described Sam in one of his letters as the real main character

Hmmm… I wonder how all this is going to go down.

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