Wacky Miracle Product!


Tired of your blackness? Want to step into the fun, exciting world of white culture? Now you can! In as little as two weeks, you can go from a large afro female to a large white woman! Operators are standing by!

In all seriousness folks, I was taking in some internet literature earlier today when I came across this banner ad. Usually I do not give these ads a second glance but I immediately felt the urge to share it with as many people as possible. I have copied and pasted it…it is not doctored at all. Rest assured that this is also a serious, legit ad and not some type of crazy paint experiment. I demand that someone respond to it asking how they can make this incredible change.

Click on the pic to get the full screen view. You shant be disappointed!

crazy ad

Change has indeed come to the African American community.

Till Next Time,

xoxo Samantha “What the Hell Google” Little