Unintentionally Horrific – 280 Awful Dates

I was talking to close personal friend and noted Twilight historian Erin Osborn Chater about movies recently, and stumbled upon a film whose romantic comedy framing belie the hidden awful horror movie that springs up on you at the end. Spoilers below for this movie: The movie’s premise is that Drew Barrymore can no longer form long-term memories as a result of an accident, and Adam Sandler is bad at dating past the initial sweetheart stage (he only dates women on vacations – basically flings). The film does not attempt to explain why Drew Barrymore would find Adam Sandler attractive two movies in a row. They fall in love, of course, somehow? By the end of the movie they are married and she’s heavily pregnant and he spends every day doing what it takes to make her fall in love with him all over again – the suggestion is they are very happy. I believe the intent of the film is to show how relationships can and should stay fresh and new and exciting; it just takes work. But. She’s never really cured. So she wakes up every day a little more pregnant with no memory of what is happening. So, 50 First Dates is actually a body-horror film. Just one you can find in the romcom section.

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