The Triumph of William Henry Harrison WORLD PREMIERE!

Friend of the show and renowned filmmaker, Daniel Califf-Glick will be premiering his mockumentary at the NJ International Film Festival this Sunday. Here’s what he has to say about it:

Come see the world premiere of my first feature film, The Triumph of William Henry Harrison at the 2009 New Jersey International Film Festival!

I’ve been working on this sucker for the past 3 years so the least you can do is come and spend 2 hours watching it!

Here’s the film’s website:

Here’s the film’s synopsis:

Rookie journalist Amanda Delacourt always wanted to break a life-changing story. But when her work uncovers a conspiracy of historic proportions, she’s forced to endure friend and foe alike in order to reveal the truth: William Henry Harrison faked his death to command a shadow government responsible for a century of Western history. Relying on the help of failed historic reenactors, a sleazy wannabe politician, secret society dropouts, and a particularly morbid artiste, Amanda now holds the key to the biggest cover-up since that whole JFK thing.

The Triumph of William Henry Harrison was directed, written, filmed, and edited by Daniel Califf-Glick, and stands as his premiere full-length motion picture. Featuring narration by Hollywood legend Edward Asner and an original score by Jacob Sanders, this hysterical, historical mockumentary answers the greatest “What if?” of all time: “What if America’s shortest-lived president was actually somehow relevant?”

Mandy Schmieder
Jerry Lazar
Jamie Jackson
Kristen Rozanski
Chance Mullen
David Crabbe
Daniel Califf-Glick
Salvatore Brienik
Matt Donnelly
Radhika Vaz
and many, many more…

Hope to see you there!!

And we at NonProductive hope to see YOU there as well!

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