SNL Nerds – Seth Meyers and Paul Simon

SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds - Seth Meyers and Paul Simon


Hosts John Trumbull and Darin Patterson are two mildly unsuccessful comedians from New Jersey, and every week they watch and critique that icon of NYC comedy, Saturday Night Live!

Listen as our hosts risk preemptively burning bridges before they are even built, all while keeping their love of SNL close to their hearts.

John and Darin have nothing to say on the Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande breakup, mainly because they didn’t hear about it until after they recorded this episode. But they have lots to say on Seth Meyers and Paul Simon! (No, Seth and Paul didn’t break up. They were the host and musical guest.) All this and more on Episode 3 of the SNL Nerds!

Week of October 13, 2018

with Seth Meyers as host and Paul Simon as musical guest.