SNL Nerds – Episode 198 – Man on the Moon (1999)

SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds - Episode 198 - Man on the Moon (1999)

Darin and John watch Man on the Moon, a biopic about Andy Kaufman, the only performer ever voted off SNL! Jim Carrey stars as the eccentric funnyman, with Lorne Michaels, David Letterman, Jerry Lawler, and the cast of Taxi playing themselves from 20 years ago, and Danny DeVito playing… Andy Kaufman’s manager?!? (It makes sense in context. Sorta.)

Join the SNL Nerds as they answer the vital questions of our day: Was Jim Carrey’s method acting brilliant or just annoying? What are R.E.M.’s best albums? And most importantly, what WAS Martin Landau’s role in The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island?

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