SNL Nerds – Episode 128 – Coming to America (1988)

SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds - Episode 128 - Coming to America (1988)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARIN!!! To celebrate, we’re watching one of his favorites, 1988’s Coming to America, starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall! Will Prince Akeem find true love in the borough of Queens? Will John and Darin sing a Neil Diamond song for practically no reason? And will Darin tell us more than we ever needed to know about the New York subway system? (The answers are Yes, Yes, and Yes, in case you were wondering.) Soul Glo! Samuel L. Jackson committing robberies! Art Buchwald lawsuits! Plus the unsold Coming to America TV pilot starring Tommy Davidson! It’s all on an All-New SNL Nerds!