Skyrocketing Obesity Rates Take Their Toll on Godzilla

Our first look at the rubenesque new Godzilla.
  Our first look at the rubenesque new Godzilla. Image via

SDCC is on like Donkey Kong!  And it’s already brought us our first look at the all new Godzilla that we’ll be seeing in Gareth Edwards upcoming film, due out May 14, 2014.  The King of Monsters looks like he’s packed on a few extra pounds in the fifty-seven years since his debut in 1954.  Still, he looks pretty bad-ass.  At least we can feel confident this guy would have whipped Matthew Broderick’s sorry butt clear across the Tappan Zee Bridge!  Thanks to the folks at for sharing this awesome image, and check out the link for even more Godzilla goodness.

What’s your favorite version of Godzilla? Lean mean man-in-a-rubber-suit first edition, or spiky headed emo-kid from the later flicks? Share thoughts on your favorite version of the big guy from any movie (or toy!) below!

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