September 04, 2012

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Tribute to Arcades!

Back to School time at always gets us in the mood for slacking off, and what better way was there to waste away your youth than a visit to your favorite arcade?! To honor this fading institute of Americana, NonPro will be revisiting all things video game, from our favorite arcade memories to the secret history of the legendary machines themselves. We’ll be hosting a live-stream game night as well as a contest to determine the best arcade machine of all time! Joy!

Get yourself powered up for action by listening to our farewell to Nintendo Power Magazine!

And now for this month’s Calendar!

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September Demotivational CalendarEnjoy!

Support Indie Artists!

NonPro loves independent artists, and that’s why we’re trying to crowdsource our new documentary project! Our IndieGoGo highlight:

Playing with Comedians

Playing with Comedians a documentary film project where we take professional standup comedians, armed only with their preconceived notions of gaming, and ask them to try their first role-playing game. Based on the award winning storygame “Fiasco” by Jason Morningstar

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“Playing with Comedians” Perk Tickets!

Now when you donate at certain levels – you’ll get tickets to see local comedians perform live! Visit our IndieGoGo Campaign for the latest news! Hurry, tickets and events won’t last!

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