Reviewing Round 5 of Classic Sitcom March Madness!


Round Five of our Classic Sitcom March Madness changed everything!

As you know, this year as part of our March Madness celebration, we pitted 64 classic sitcom, seeded by decade, against one another – we are now down to the final two. Let’s review:

The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air (1990) vs. The Addams Family (1964)
Winner: The Addams Family
Reason: Perhaps it was just too early to award a nineties era show with the title of Classic Sitcom? In any case, The Addams Family soundly defeated the Fresh Prince in a landslide!

Married with Children (1987) vs. Perfect Strangers (1986)
Winner: Perfect Strangers
Reason: Married with Children will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary with FOX this month, but even though we all love the Bundy family, there is a timelessness of Perfect Strangers that took it over the edge.

The Final Round

So it’s come down to The Addams Family vs. Perfect Strangers, and no one can be more psyched than us!

Two classic sitcoms, beyond a doubt. Loyal fans, excellent theme songs, classic premises, they have it all – but who will win?

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