Proudly Announcing #MVPride!
Proudly Announcing #MVPride!

June 28th, 1969, the first brick was thrown in the Stonewall Riots, a moment in history remembered every year as we honor and lift up the entire LGBTQ+ community. For this monthโ€™s Pride Celebration, it is Non-Productive.comโ€™s great pleasure to announce our action-packed month-long event: #MVPride! These characters will be nominated by YOU and take part in a round-robin tournament over four weeks.

Each week will feature new articles from LGBTQ+ authors and allies about characters they feel best represent Pride, and a new podcast where your pals at NonPro rant about the heated competition. The goal of this event is to put a spotlight on the many awesome characters that we know and love (and the ones that might need a little more love!) and to extend a platform to authors to write about those characters and their experiences. We hope youโ€™re as excited as we are for this fun-filled month-long event.

Nominate your favorite fictional LGBTQ+ characters using the form below. Weโ€™ll use the results to seed the competition, so make sure to tell your friends to vote as well! Characters can come from anywhere; television, movies, books, comics, podcasts, whatever!'s presents #MVPride!

    For this competition, we're picking characters from different era's of the LGBTQ+ movement! Pre-2000s and Post-2000s!

    Pre-2000s Characters Post-2000s Characters
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    Come back and nominate more whenever you like. Share and tell your friends!

    Are you and LGBTQ+ author or ally? Do you have a favorite character you have a burning passion to talk about? Write about them! Visit our Submissions Page today!

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