Our Time at GMX

This weekend, David and I took at trip to Nashville for GMX, the Geek Media Expo. Though we were only there for Saturday, we managed to enter for free as agents of the press, which was pretty awesome. We also managed to gather four interviews, which such diverse individuals as Patricia Albrecht (the voice of Pizzazz from Jem), Curt Franklin and Chris Haley from the webcomic Let’s Be Friends Again, Beau Brown from the web series Sci-Fi Janitors, and Max Kelley, aka Thong Girl. All were lots of fun to talk to, and all the interviews will end up on Non-Productive eventually. During our trek across the con, we ran across a remote-controlled life-size robot, a man wearing a gigantic T-Rex skeleton, and at one point we were accosted by an angry woman while trying to give an interview (you’ll hear all about that in the Chris/Curt interview). For any who find their way to this blog as a result of GMX, welcome! We had a blast!