NonPro Holiday Gift Guide: Doctor Who Big Finish Audio

Big Finish

Now that the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who is over, I, like many fans of the show show, have felt rather nostalgic over some of the past incarnations of our favorite space-and-time traveling alien. Satiating that void for years is a company called Big Finish Audio who which has been releasing audio dramas of the Doctor for over a decade, featuring five of the most prominent actors to ever fill the character’s shoes. That’s right, fan favorites Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvestor McCoy, and the completely underrated Paul McGann are all at your disposal, taking you on new adventures to countless strange and unique worlds with companions old and new alike. What Big Finish offers are amazingly produced audio dramas available for purchase on CD or direct digital download. Make sure to check them out at and give the gift of the Doctor to that special WHO in your life.

Check out a sample of the the 50th Anniversary drama, “The Light At The End”, here:

Image and video courtesy of Big Finish Productions

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