Neon Genesis Evangelion ReWatch – The End of Evangelion & Series Wrap Show

Welcome back to our Late to the Party rewatch of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the seminal teenagers vs giant monsters anime of the late 20th century!

Your hosts are ready to guide you through the show as it finally receives wide-distribution on Netflix this year.

In this, our last episode, we look at The End of Evangelion, compare the various endings for the show, and discuss the impact this series has had. Is Eva a purposeful masterpiece, an angry rebuttal of fandom, or a Rorschach test that begs the audience to find their own reason to get into the robot? Our answers to all this and recommendations for what comes next!

Our sixth podcast covers Death/Rebirth, The End of Evangelion, and the entire series.

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Show Notes: How tech’s richest plan to save themselves after the apocalypse