Neon Genesis Evangelion ReWatch – Episodes 12-17!

Late to the Party
Late to the Party
Neon Genesis Evangelion ReWatch - Episodes 12-17!

Welcome back to our Late to the Party rewatch of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the seminal teenagers vs giant monsters anime of the late 20th century!

Your hosts are ready to guide you through the show as it finally receives wide-distribution on Netflix this year.

In many ways, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a series about how people deal with multi-generational global conflict, and this arc develops that concept in leaps, bounds, and gruesome monster battles! Has the series balanced “fan service” with character development? Are the metaphysical implications of the show hits or misses (or both) – tune in to find out our thoughts about these and other questions!

Our third podcast covers Episodes 12-17 of the series.

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