Near Mint – Crisis on Infinite Earths #12
Near Mint - Crisis on Infinite Earths #12

It all comes down to this. Our punch-drunk reviewers have made it to the final issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and our heroes are facing their last battle!

Harbinger is a better leader than the Monitor, Superman goes to his final reward, and we pitch yet another AMAZING MINISERIES YOU GUYS PICK THIS UP!

In 1985, Marv Wolfman and George Pérez set out to “fix” DC Comics continuity, and thereby changed all comics publishing forever! In preparation for the CW’s epic Crisis on Infinite Earths television crossover, and in honor of the upcoming 35th anniversary of the comic event to end (and inspire!) all comic events, Non-Productive‘s Near Mint is re-reading all 12 issues of the original miniseries!

Whether you’ve read it before or if this is your first time, get your copy today and prepare to face the end!

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