My Fiancee is Dean Winchester

Katie and Dean

My Fiancee is Dean Winchester: Supernatural Season 1 Re-Watch


Recently I decided to introduce Katie, my fiancee, to one of my favorite shows on television: Supernatural. It’s my second time through the series, but while watching it with the love of my life I stumbled upon something surprising I had never before realized, and that something is just how much my Katie is like Dean Winchester.

I’d even go so far as to say she channels Dean while watching the show. And it’s not just her new affinity for the word “Bitch” – it’s also her ability to justify and relate to Dean’s actions and burdens. It’s her frustration with Sam and the way that frustration mimics Dean’s. Hell, even her newfound love of muscle cars is striking me as a bit strange.

However this is all good news to me because it means she is liking the show, and I’m ecstatic at my second watch.

The re-watch is helping me remember just how good this show was when it began. I love how the show started with a strong reliance on horror tropes and filming techniques to bring us real television horror. There is an incredible amount of good world building despite the difficult concept and the fact that the story starts out with two relatively experienced characters.

Also, I’ve finally noticed just how much Supernatural is Dean’s POV story. We really get to see the world through Dean’s eyes as we go, his rage, his hate, his burdens – all illustrated perfectly by the acting, storytelling, and filming. It’s strange since I had always remembered the show as Sam’s story.

All and all it’s been a pleasant trip back so far, and I’m interested to see how long my fiancee continues to like the show, or if we’ll both start to notice the cracks that seemed to have appeared in later seasons…

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