Mr. Robot Episode 8 GIF-REWIND!



We here at the Line Cutters are obsessed with the new USA drama, Mr. Robot, and the second to last episode before the season finale had some huge developments. It was such a good episode, I couldn’t help myself but to GIF a bunch of great moments. If you haven’t hopped onto the Mr. Robot bandwagon, go watch all the episodes right now! Go on, we’ll wait…Okay, caught up? Good! Now go enjoy the GIFs below, and remember: the revolution is coming. F’ society.

Remember, kids! Use strong passwords!

Tyrell has the creepiest smile.

“Out damned spot” indeed.

Me after every episode of Line Cutters.

Just when I think they’ve reached the peak, the Wellicks step up the creepiness even more.

Since the audience is technically a character, does this count for breaking the 4th wall?

“I am Tyler Durden Mr. Robot I don’t even know anymore.”

Even though people called the Mr. Robot/Elliot’s dad connection a while ago, the actual reveal was fantastically done.

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