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Line Cutters – The Current State of Anime and Gaming March 27, 2013 - Today the gang talks about Jame’s slow forgiveness of Capcom, the future of Square-Enix, BioShock Infinite, and the state of affairs of the anime business!
Line Cutters Investigate Kickstarter! March 20, 2013 - The gang talks about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter and how crowd funding may change the entertainment business! Also: nerdy crowd funding projects they want to [...]
Line Cutters – Metal Gear Rising and More! March 13, 2013 - More Star Wars talk, a Metal Gear Rising review, and Matt talks about Catholic theology! image via Imgur.
Line Cutters – Oscars and PlayStation 4 February 27, 2013 - Think you heard it all already? Think again! The Line Cutters sink their teeth into the topics of the day the way only geeks can, [...]
Line Cutters review Toy Fair 2013 February 13, 2013 - On this episode, Al, James, and Matt discuss Toy Fair, Inspector Plustard, and Ghost in the Shell: Arise! Featuring special guests Vin and Frank!
Line Cutters – Next Generation of Video Games February 6, 2013 - AJ, Al, James, and Matt discuss the next generation Xbox and PlayStation, the impact of “used games,” and more Star Wars rumors!
Goodbye to THQ, Young Justice, and more! January 30, 2013 - Al, Matt, and James bid farewell to THQ and discuss the cancellation of Young Justice! Also lens flare jokes and Star Wars discussion!
Line Cutters get Cyberpunk’d January 16, 2013 - Al, Matt, Cappy, and Frank go on the bleeding edge and talk about the revival of the cyberpunk genre.
Line Cutters – Prelude to 2013! January 2, 2013 - All Things Linecutters The Gang talks about their already broken New Year Resolutions and what they are looking forward to in the movies, television and [...]
The 2012 Line Cutters Christmas-Call-A-Thon! December 25, 2012 - The Line Cutters Christmas-Call-A-Thon is back – and this time, for a real cause! First they covered the Christmas Carol, then they disproved It’s a [...]