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The Linecutters Holiday Buying Guide December 10, 2012 - Al, James, Matt, and guest John Minus, discuss there ultimate gift ideas in toys video games and… clothes? As well as discuss what movies to [...]
Live Wii U Unboxing on the Line Cutters! November 21, 2012 - Tonight at 7pm Eastern, a live streamed unboxing of Nintendo’s latest, greatest console, the Wii U! Gasp, as James opens the box Sigh, as Matt [...]
.Hack the Line Cutters! November 17, 2012 - They’re Back!!! James, Al, and Matt discuss one of there favorite franchises of all time .Hack because, well, who would dare stop them?? Join the [...]
Line Cutters – Man Caucus: Ticket Etiquette October 6, 2012 - The Line Cutters “MAN CAUCUS” pits a sampling of average Man-Geeks (meeks) against one another in a battle to determine Man Law once and for [...]
Growing Up Street Fighter September 17, 2012 - This year, Capcom is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the most iconic fighting game series of all time, Street Fighter. It’s odd realizing that the [...]
Nintendo Power Nap August 21, 2012 - Listen in as Matt, Al, Dave, and Frank mourn the loss of Nintendo Power. Long live Nester! Long live the Power Glove! Long live the [...]
Looking for Really Old Podcasts? Sure, why not? June 16, 2012 - You can find much older episodes of shows by going to our old podcast page and keep hitting next page until you find the [...]
D&D Next Playtest Begins! May 24, 2012 - We here at are nothing if not nerds. That’s why we’re super-interested in what’s coming Next with D&D, as the proposed new edition of [...]
Redbubble at NYCC October 27, 2011 - Redbubble has the best gear and swag of anyone at New York Comic Con!
From the Floor at NYCC! October 27, 2011 - Watch as Matt and Al try to act professional at the mother of all comic conventions!