Line Cutters go to Anime Boston!

Be it a result of terrible manners, deranged madness, or just plain old-fashioned social awkwardness – everyone at‘s the Line Cutters just can’t stop talking about anime! Luckily, we’ll now have a sensible place to let our Otaku pride shine when we travel to Anime Boston, May 24-26 2013. Yes, New York Comic Con just wasn’t enough, and we are ready to storm the biggest anime convention in the North East. Now, I personally have spent years submerged in anime culture and the fandom, going so far as to have my own show, Al’s Anime Review, where I spend time discussing some of the greatest highs and deepest pratfalls the industry has gotten itself into. Now, with true love and affection for the industry and the brilliant products they release, we make our way to the home of the Boston accent to see what this convention has for all its loyal fans.

Anime Boston is known for having fantastic guests; and this year appears no different. Some of the special guests include: David Matranga, who has voiced characters all the way back to “Orphen” and all the way up the “High School of the Dead.” Kari Wahlgren, who voiced one of my favorite anime character in anime, Haruka from “FLCL” and is now going to be voicing Blue Rose in the highly anticipated “Tiger and Bunny.” Lauren Landa has been a voice actress for the character Yan Lexia in “Soul Calibur 5,” a game featured in one of our Line Cutter’s live streams, as well as the character Litchi Ling from the “Blaze Blue” series. Stephanie Shah is a person I am anxious to hear from given that she will be producing the upcoming “Gundam Unicorn” and I have been a fan of the entire Gundam series since I was a kid. Not to mention Greg Ayres, who has been in enough anime where he can probably be the focal point of a drinking game for hardcore alcoholics, yet still finds enough time out of the day to be a DJ. This is only a few of their highly anticipated guests from the anime industry.

Of course NonPro and the Line Cutters won’t just check out the cool voice actors, we will be checking out all of the amazing cosplayers that flock to the con every year. Anime Boston is home to some of the most inventive fans of anime, who get dressed up in some of the most intricate of costumes to honor their favorite characters – and the con is happy to oblige their cosplay core with contests, a masquerade, and a parody of the family feud.

Knowing the Line Cutters, we will most likely be dropping most of our paycheck into the conventions dealer’s room. It’s an excuse to pick up some of that memorabilia you keep telling yourself to purchase. I will most likely be spending my cash in Artist’s Alley to add to a collection I’ve had since Anime Fest back in 2010. Or if you are a cheapskate like some of the other Line Cutters, then head over to the swap meat and trade away some of your old junk for new junk.

So the Line Cutter’s crew hopes to see you all there in costume (or spandex, or formal wear, or in your mother’s dress we don’t care)! We want to talk to you and hear how much you love the convention and of course how much you love anime. Remember the convention is May 24th through the 26th so register now and you might just see us walking along the convention floor!

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