Let’s Rank the Various Voltron Limbs!

Let's Rank Voltron's Limbs
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For those of you who grew up watching cartoons in the 80’s, you would all know (or at least heard of) the awesome cartoon series known as Voltron. Voltron is a robot created to defend the planet Arus, and the known universe, from the evil forces of King Zarkon and his band of evil doers. Armed with a wide range of weapons (most famous of which being the Blazing Sword), Voltron countlessly thwarted the Ro-Beasts, giant mechanical monsters that were unleashed on the peaceful planets of the galaxy by King Zarkon in his efforts to take over the universe.

As the series grew in popularity, various spin offs of Voltron were made, expanding on the “known universe” of the setting. Eventually, each spin off season was given its own subtitle, making them unique from each other. And although all the Voltron series took place in the same timeline, none of the later seasons were as popular as the original season, now more popularly known as “Lion Force Voltron” (or Voltron 3) in America.

I’m here to answer the age old question of how the Voltron pilots measure up against each other (a debate which I personally regard as timeless). In this article, I will be ranking and rating each of the infamous (more than famous?) awesome pilots of the Voltron Force fleet. At some point down the road, I will probably make a similar list for the pilots from the other seasons. Being as how I am most familiar with the “Lion Force” series (and quite frankly can recall most of the episodes from memory), I will begin with them.

I also want to point out that this analysis is based on the original 52 episodes of the “Lion Force Voltron”. While in the timeline, the season does continue into another season of 20 episodes (made in America), my analysis for now will only be exclusively based on those first 52 episodes alone.

    The standards that I have set for the pilots all include, but are not limited to:

      1. The pilots’ personalities and roles in the team.
      2. The relative importance in the roles of their respective Lions.
      3. The individual exploits of each pilot (whether it be while piloting a Lion, or not).

So without further adieu, we begin with…

Voltron Hunk

Hunk (#6)

Hunk pilots the Yellow Lion, which is hidden in the hard to reach deserts of Planet Arus, and forms Voltron’s left leg. Hunk is big, stocky, and very strong, however not all too bright. As such, he is often the source of comic relief in the group, and the butt-end of many jokes. But what Hunk seemingly lacks in intelligence, he more than makes up for with his kind heart and huge muscles, which came in handy for him when he needed save…

Voltron Allura

Princess Allura (#5)

Specifically, Princess Allura in Episode 16: Bridge Over the River Chozzerai. As the sole survivor of the Royal Family of Arus, she is Planet Arus’ de facto ruler. Princess Allura is just and honorable, and treats all of her subjects as such. Though she is the Commander in Chief of Arus’ Planetary Defenses, she defers to Keith when she pilots the Blue Lion in combat. I originally wanted to rank her higher, but because of her rash behavior (See Episode 15: Give Me Your Princess) in piloting the Black Lion without supervision, Number 5 is the “just and honorable” place for her. She is the second pilot of the Blue Lion, a responsibility which she took upon herself after the evil witch Haggar had incapacitated…

Voltron Sven

Sven (#4)

Yes, Sven, the original pilot of the Blue Lion. The Blue Lion, which forms into Voltron’s right leg, is hidden in the lake that surrounds the Castle of Lions. Though Sven proves himself a capable pilot and combatant, he only flew the Blue Lion shortly, after sustaining a serious injury from Haggar’s cat in Episode 6: The Right Arm Of Voltron, leaving Voltron temporarily without a leg to stand on (literally). Granted, Haggar is largely responsible for this injury, as it was due to her magic that isolated Sven from the group, but to be done in by a cat?? Sorry, Sven… You earned major points for saving Lance in the same episode (as it was he that originally got lured away), but the fact that you got taken out by a cat… ugh. Hey, at least you get to live happily ever after with Allura’s cousin, Princess Romelle though! Which brings us to…

Voltron Pigde

Pidge (#3)

Pidge, a child genius, pilots the Green Lion, which is hidden in the forests nearby the Castle of Lions, and forms into Voltron’s left arm. The Green Lion is responsible for forming the Blazing Sword, Voltron’s most powerful weapon. Pidge is widely regarded as the “brains” of the team, and has contributed to much of Arus’ Planetary Defenses. After Voltron was initially separated into the five lions, it was Pidge that figured out that Voltron could be reassembled again and piloted manually. Outspoken, witty, and cheerful, he is also a source for much of the comic relief amongst the team as well, much in contrast to…

Voltron Keith

Keith (#2)

Keith, the commander of the group. Keith pilots the Black Lion, which is disguised as the lion statue that stands at the end of the bridge leading to the Castle of Lions. The Black Lion forms the bulk of Voltron (torso, chest, neck) as well as his head. Through countless battles, Keith has lead the Voltron Force to many victories. He’s level headed, calm under pressure, and very determined in all of his duties. Quite frankly, he is without any flaws. His hobbies include reading and more reading (or at least that’s what he’s seen doing during the majority of his free time). He is, without a doubt, a marquee example of what a leader should be. So I’m sure at this point you’re probably asking yourself, “Why isn’t he ranked at #1?” Well, let me tell you about…

Voltron Lance

Lance (#1)

Lance pilots the Red Lion, which is hidden inside an active volcano of Planet Arus. The Red Lion forms Voltron’s right arm, and (like the Green Lion) is responsible for forming the Blazing Sword. Lance is regarded as a “Ladies Man”, and has a wily sense of humor. He’s also the only person who’s defied and questioned Keith’s orders, something that no one else has done. He’s a great pilot, albeit reckless at times (which I really admire). It’s also worth noting that through the entire series, Lance has notoriously found his way in and out of trouble in many occasions.

But just to reiterate my thoughts on Lance (and because I honestly do feel it necessary to get my point across), here are the listed reasons why Lance is ranked at #1

  1. His lion makes its home in an active volcano.
  3. His Lion was the only one of the Force to have an episode named after it AND have significant relevance to it (See Episode 6: The Right Arm of Voltron)
  4. In the same episode mentioned above, while the Voltron Force was unable to form Voltron due to Sven’s injury, it was Lance’s idea to lure the Ro-Beast into the volcano, causing its ultimate demise.
  5. Lance has fought against vicious cannibals while trapped in a pit. (See Episode 28: The Treasure Planet of Tyrus)
  6. He fell from a high wall after losing a duel to Lotor, and still manages to find his way back to Arus with an antidote to save the population of Arus (See Episode 22: The Deadly Flowers).

Voltron Lance winner
And there you have it, folks. Please stay tuned for another list that pertains to the awesomeness of Voltron.

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