I Guess That Makes Me Sam!


Well, with it now very clear that Dean is Katie’s spirit animal, it is pretty clear where I stand in this relationship, I’m her brother.

It’s true, I’m a lot like Sam. I’m over-emotional, sensitive, constantly on the edge of some moral quandary that I should really spend less time thinking about. Plus, I have the blood of a Demon running through me (love you, Dad).

I’m okay with that, because as Season 1 & 2 prove, this is really Sam’s adventure. Think about it, even though the show takes place mostly from Dean’s perspective it is Sam who is invited on the Hero’s Journey. Sam receives the call to action in Season 1 when Dean shows up at his door looking for their father. His importance is cemented when his girlfriend Jessica is killed. Sam better represents the audience’s perspective into the world of Supernatural than Dean. This is because Sam is being re-introduced into the hunting world after being out of the game for so long. As he falls back into the ways of his family he helps us get used to the lifestyle of the Winchesters.

It is Sam who has to deal with growing up as he comes into his abilities in Season 2. Sam has to struggle with the idea that he is seen as a freak. He has to balance the fact that he can do some good while being tempted by evil. It is Dean’s role to watch over Sam, struggling with the fact that he can’t take on Sam’s struggle for him. After we get introduced to Dean through Sam’s eyes, Dean becomes our lens into Sam’s Journey of the Hero.

Season 2 continues Supernatural‘s strong run, trickling in just the right amount of lure and plot to tempt the appetite. It still has an amazing horror filming style and cinematography with just an added bit of budget. This allows for some great filming locations like in the bank robbery episode. The show still picks from great lesser-known horror actors to fill the roles of what become small but memorable reoccurring characters for the season. Their story-telling becomes more inventive as the show begins it’s tradition of breaking the 4th wall.

Season two is a must watch. My return to it really reinforces why it is my favorite season of Supernatural to date.

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