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"Zelda Conquers the Dark World" by Eranfolio
It is no secret that the greater part of my childhood (and yes, even my teenage years) were spent with a game series called The Legend of Zelda. Like many of you, those games had the most profound effect on me and the way I grew up, so when I was asked to think of one of the most influential female video game characters, Princess Zelda herself was a natural choice.

It bothers me that people so often treat Zelda as nothing more than a princess in need of rescuing, as if her only value is as a prize for Link. I think that’s unfair, and I think it’s wrong to assume that the things that happens to a character are somehow the only way to define them. Zelda carries on in spite of her continued misfortune, and that’s what I find admirable. While others have been portrayed as cowering in fear of their captors, Zelda often continues to hold her pride and maintains her desire to help the world she rules, even from her position of captivity.

Zelda is more the star of the show than perhaps even the player avatar; after all let us not forget who the series is named after. She is the one the legend is about and who the story revolves around. Games are more often than not about her rebellion against an enemy or rise to power and her reign over the land. When she is captured, her kingdom descends into turmoil and it isn’t when the player comes that balance returns, but when the princess is back in her rightful place. Link may perform the feats that make up the game, but he is not the leader of his people.

Zelda is the person the people often turn to in their need; it is her guidance and her wisdom that earns the trust of subjects. In fact, she is the Avatar of Wisdom in this world. When the ancient relic known as the Triforce splits to its proper owners, it is Princess Zelda who receives the Triforce of Wisdom. Over all the other people in the realm she is considered the most sage and proper representation of this great power.

And let’s not forget the incredible number of positions her incarnations have had! Zelda has been the leader of seven magical sages in a rebellion against evil, had to dress as a ninja to conceal herself from the enemy as he pursued her, a captain of a feared pirate ship, a powerful priestess, and a visionary who spearheaded the construction of a new kingdom of Hyrule in a new land. It is also said that she is the constant reincarnation of one of the gods who created the world that all of the characters live in. This arguably makes her the Christ figure of her universe. (Al’s opinions do not represent anyone at NonPro or the rest of the civilized world. – EDITOR FRANK)

Princess Zelda has had many roles, and been a lasting legend is the most notable one. I mean if Robin Williams is willing to name his daughter after her, than that should tell you how much she has affected people. (Robin William’s opinions do not represent anyone at NonPro either. – EDITOR FRANK)

"Zelda Conquers the Dark World" by Eranfolio. Created for the “Zelda Starring Zelda” project.
“Zelda Conquers the Dark World” by Eranfolio. Created for the “Zelda Starring Zelda” project.
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